LetsGoNorth… to the most northerly point of the UK… Dunnet Head and take part in one of our challenges!

LetsGoNorth meets LetsGoSouth in an exciting new venture.

Scotland and Spain have been inextricably linked through history and culture since the Crusades. The basis of the research is to identify parallells between Scotland and Spain and examine elements which can be used to encourage further cooperation between the countries. This includes energy, sustainable tourism, eco tourism, socio economics and a closer examination of how both countries have developed since the 1970s. Join LetsGoNorth and get the benefits of this collaboration.

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THE EXPLORER – out now…previously the North Highland Explorer

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and receive your hard copy and free loyalty card! See the benefits from the Dunnet Head Educational Trust which administers Friends of the North Highland Way.

The North Highlands Explorer has become an annual guide to the North Highland Way which will advertise all sponsors of the North Highland Way for the year. The first issue in this format will be published in September 2015.